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Roofing Repairs Cranbourne

We carry out all roof repairs, guttering replacement, roofing restoration and roof leak repairs Cranbourne and surrounding suburbs.

Cranbourne Roofing And Roof Repairs Specialists

Your roof serves two important functions. The right roof, tiles, slate or metal, stainless steel, aluminum or copper adds value and beauty to your home. Upgrading your home with a new roof installation can add significant value to your property.

Protection From Elements

Your roof protects your home from the elements such as hail and thunderstorms which can cause serious damage, and protect against dangerous mould growth. Mould growth happens when water leaks through the damaged roof over time, and the damp conditions are just right for mould to infiltrate.

Wear And Tear

Roofs sustain wear and tear over time, the elements and changes of season which can create problems in our harsh Australian landscape. Given time and constant exposure to the elements, even the most robust roofing systems are not immune. When your roof develops problems, our team can quickly identify and eliminate them.

Complete Roofing Service

We offer a complete roofing service from small repairs to major re-roofing works. Our team of experienced tradesmen  can provide free quotes for metal, tile and slate roofs.

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Guttering Replacement

High Quality, Lasting Roof Repairs & Roof Restoration in Cranbourne

Roofing Master is experienced across almost any roof type

With our vast range of experience, we work with almost any roofing material. With easy access to our network of roofing material suppliers, we can complete your roofing repairs quickly and efficiently.

Roof leaks are amongst the trickiest to repair as water doesn’t follow a straight line and can present significant challenges. As a responsible home owner, you might be feeling frustrated  trying to figure out the source of the problem!

With our team’s broad ranging, hands on years of experience, we locate these issues promptly and repair so you are protected.

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Metal Roofs

Our metal roofing repairs are exceptional. We work with all types of metal roofing materials and we know what's the best way to fix them. We are knowledgeable about the latest products currently used for all metal roofing.

tile roof restoration

Tiled Roofs

Our Cranbourne team have repaired many tiled roofs. The majority of tiled roofs are made from terracotta, slate, or Western red cedar shingles. Despite their reputation for durability, tiles can develop a range of problems from leaks, cracks and the cement between the tiles breaking away

roof leak repairs for metal, tin, slate roofs

guttering replacement

Poor guttering causes more issues than any other roofing component. Gutters rust out if they are blocked, or water can flow back into the house if they are angled incorrectly, causing all sorts of issues.

ridge capping

Ridge capping on metal and tile roofs provides an effective watertight barrier, as well as a neat aesthetic finish to the ends of the sheets of metal and terracotta and slate tiles at the ridge and hip lines. We use only the highest grade materials for all our repair services Cranbourne area.

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