Roof Repair Services

Roofing Master can repair all metal, terracotta, cement and slate roofs.

Our Roofing Services

When it comes to roof damage, storm damage or  leak damage, being proactive makes all the difference in preventing costly repairs at a later date. While a little moisture may not seem like a big deal, it doesn’t take long for damage to escalate  It’s important to seek roofing repairs sooner than later.

A leaking roof has the potential to result in a roof collapse. It’s an indicator of larger problems occurring inside the roof of your home.

Detecting the source of leaks is a challenging job, as water never runs in a straight line! While it may seem obvious the leak is located directly above the damage point, water can travel a long distance before making itself visible.

Water can enter via damaged ridge capping, rust points, gas and water pipes, electrical lines and roof and ceiling joists. Roofing Master can repair all metal, terracotta, cement and slate roofs.


Residential Roofing

We repair all roof types

Repairs can be very simple, sometimes extremely difficult or anywhere in between!

The first step in fixing a leaking roof is targeting  what is causing the leak. This can sometimes take longer than actually carrying out the repair. Our team of roofing contractors are skilled at finding the issue.

Our Working Process


Arranging a roof inspection

First, hire a roofing contractor to undertake a detailed inspection of your roof. They will give you a detailed report on the state of your roof


Getting a quote

Ask your roofing contractor for a written quote on all the services and materials required to re-roof your home. You know what’s involved for your budget.



Preparing the roof

The contractors are required to install any safety measures for the job. Guardrails must be installed before working on any roof that is over 2 metres high.




Removing the old material

The roofing contractors strip the existing roof to make way for the new installation, checking for signs of rotten battens or other water damage.


Installing the new roof

After the old roofing is removed and the roof structure is shown to be in good condition, it’s time for the new roof to be installed


Installing gutters

Gutters are vital elements of any roof. When replacing your roof, it is a good practice to replace the gutters as well. There are several types of gutter designs.


Finalising the job

Roofing is often a messy job. When the job is finished, the When the roof replacement is completed, the roofing contractor should leave the site in the state they found it.